Friday, 5 July 2013

Introducing the munchkins

Speaking of the munchkins 1st there's my little Diva Cali she's 4 (going on 14 or maybe even 24) and she can talk for Great Britain, most of the time she thinks she's the mummy and she believes she knows EVERYTHING! To be fair she is quite knowledgeable and forward and sometimes has me looking up *cough cough googling* things so I have the correct explanation to her questions, otherwise I'm just there like umm...I don't actually know..

2nd there's the little boy who stole my face, 3 yr old RD he literally looks like a boy version of me, although a lot of the time I still get people commenting on 'how pretty she is' I'm like HE is a boy!! Now, RD would also talk for Great Britain if Cali would let him get a word in. He's a typical boy you will always find him with a car in his hand or turning random things into cars and making them 'car noises' He loves reading and when he's not doing those things he can normally be found launching himself at his sisters head or on her back so she drops down and he can play fight her (whether she wants to partake or not)

Now speaking of fighting, these two love to squabble it drives me crazy!! They can squabble over a piece of fluff, no seriously I have seen them squabble over a piece of fluff, a clothing tag and a little bow that had come off my slipper and none of them will back down, then next minute I know they're both off playing happily together and have completely forgotten about that piece of fluff that was just sooo important and I'm just left with a headache.

Most of the time they do keep me entertained though, because they come out with some totally random things. Awww my little monsters.. Oh no, I meant Awww my little angels :)

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