Monday, 1 July 2013

Hey :)


I'm Jade

I'm single (and I'm not bitter.... yet) and I think to look after 2 very active toddlers (or would you call them preschoolers?) a year apart you have to be some kinda super mummy because its bloody hard work. Regularly surviving on 2/3 hours sleep and actually being able to string a sentence together the next day, you seriously have to be some kinda super human.
I have a load of tattoos, piercings
and green hair which the munchkins love...for now... I'm sure when they start school and other kids are like "Errrr your mummies got green hair shes an alien," it will be a different story (although I'm secretly hoping that they will just turn around and tell them kids 'Shut Up, My mum rocks! hehehe)

Oh did I say I'm 30? and I swear the older I get the more emotional I get. I am like THE wrong person to cry in front of, because I will cry harder than you and then you would end up having to comfort me hahahahaha. I've also realized that I'm scared of being responsible for small things, like being responsible for a life and keeping people safe is nothing to me, being responsible for tickets or even worse, getting pictures developed really is something I can't handle.

Oh yeah I'm also what you would call a frustrated writer, I've written sooo much stories that stupid publishing houses won't publish  aaaaaargh so I have now deluded myself into thinking that one day.. maybe even tomorrow some big publishing house will finally come to their senses and come banging down my door literally begging to publish ALL my books... Oh well a girl can dream.
I actually had one of my short stories published in More Magazine a few months ago so that was a huge deal for me, it was Erotic Fiction ooooooooooooooh sex sex sex!!

Hmmm.. What else might you wanna know... Oh I love Rum! and being half Bajan it has to be Mount Gay or Cockspur Spiced and I love love love cocktails anything Rum based and fruity, I think it's just because they remind me of Sex and the city, one of the best TV shows ever!! I used to watch it and just fantasise about living their fab NY lives.

Anywayz after reading a friends blog and also reading about Brit Mums Live it actually inspired me to do my own mummy blog. Now, I have a really short attention span (I blame uni) so I won't be writing extra long essays using long complicated words (actually I may write a few long things but that won't be because I meant to, it's because I am very good at rambling). I write exactly how I talk and when I'm not rambling I do actually like to get straight to the point.

So, yeah, thats me;
Single Super Mummy
I feel like should have a cape and be flying off after that outro, hmmm.. OK just close your eyes and pretend I did, now didn't that feel epic!

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